Lost and Found Animals

Lost a Pet?

Call the HSFH Animal Shelter at 620-340-6345 to complete a “lost report”. Visit the shelter frequently and walk through the kennels. This is extremely important because no one knows your pet better than you do. The description you give over the telephone may vary from the description that someone else would provide.

Monitor The Pet Finder section of the Emporia Gazette for a list of found animals.

Alert your veterinarian in case a Good Samaritan delivers your pet there.

Post flyers in your neighborhood and place a “lost ad” in the newspaper. Consider offering a reward.


Found a Pet?

If you would like to house the pet yourself, call HSFH Animal Shelter at 620-340-6345 and leave a “found report” on file with our staff in case the pet’s owner contacts us.

If you cannot house the animal, please bring it to the shelter located at 1216 Hatcher Street. If you are unable to transport the animal, please call animal control for assistance. Within the city limits of Emporia, call 620-343-4200.  For Lyon County, call the Sheriff’s office at 620-342-5545.