Dog Obedience Classes

Our instructor is Eileen Holland; she is an experienced obedience instructor. She successfully competed for AKC degrees with multiple dogs. She is well acquainted with the challenges of all types of dogs. Her demo dogs are both adopted from shelters.

 Classes are held beginning in the spring and continue through the fall. Currently, our classes are held on Tuesday evenings for three consecutive weeks, we have a two week break and then begin a new class. The cost of the class is $35. Please check our event page to see when a class is scheduled to begin. You must pre-register; call the HSFH office at 620-342-4477. Classes are held at Hammond Park beginning promptly at 6 pm. In case of inclement weather, classes may be cancelled. If this does occur, you will be contacted by telephone.

 You will need to bring your dog, a six or eight-foot leash (no chain or retractable leashes, please), and a choke or training collar. These are made of chain and also called a slip collar. Treats! Put them in a baggie in your pocket or fanny pack. Your dog should be up to date on vaccinations, and flea treatment. When you walk your dog, you will need to bring a baggie to clean up after them.

 When you first come to class, many dogs will be excited and barking. Keep your dog from getting near other dogs. VERY IMPORTANT! No sniffing others. You never know who will be grouchy! Feel confident that you and your dog are on the threshold of learning to be the best team ever!

 You will learn techniques to train your dog. You will see a demo on how to do each exercise. Then, you will practice at least fifteen minutes a day with your dog. Family members are welcome. One person should be the main trainer at first, but the others in the family should be on the same page.